Crypto Citizen- Best Blockchain Game

Crypto Citizen- Best Blockchain Game

What is Crypto Citizen?

Crypto Citizen represents the Metaverse ecosystem of multiple game projects merged into a single playable world in the cyberpunk environment.

Crypto Citizen is an IP branded, free-to-play, and Earn MMORPG set in the vibrant cyberpunk open world of Ether Islands. Unlock the world of limitless possibilities through exploring 10 playable districts, socializing in Social Hub – District ZERO, building & doing business in the advanced economy, personalizing the character, and living as in the real world! Grow your social status & citizen ranking and join the upper echelon of the most influential players, legally or not. Join the Metaverse, because REAL YOU IS NOT ENOUGH.

What titles does Crypto Citizen offer?

Join the party in Ether Islands and earn through multiple games such as Citizen Conflict, Drag Races, Fights, or more upcoming games in the Crypto Citizen Metaverse!

Citizen Conflict is a hero shooter experience that distinguishes the playstyle of Heroes based on their abilities, attributes, and weapons to create the most adventurous experience! Become the mastermind of tournaments in game modes such as Extraction, Rush, or Battle royale!

What makes Crypto Citizen Unique?

Using the most advanced engine on the market, Unreal Engine 5 with advanced AI, Chaos physics engine, Nanite, and other next-generation game-building solutions, Crypto Citizen revolutionizes the Gaming scene. Everything wraps on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Who is QORPO?

QORPO is a leading blockchain game studio, and international company focused on connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. The game developer has HQ in Slovakia and offices in Dubai with over 100 employees. The company continually develops powerful teams of specialists; some of its members work with major gaming studios such as Ubisoft, Gameloft, or EA.

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Crypto Citizen- Best Blockchain Game

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