Castle Defense- Best Blockchain Game

Castle Defense- Best Blockchain Game

Embark on a new journey with Pocket Arena’s flagship game – Castle Defense. Play the old-school tower defense game with uber-cool twists.

There are essentially 2 aspects to the game: You can either be a player or an owner. Owners/ sponsors buy a castle and hire a “player” to play the game with their castle and upgrade it in the process.

★ Develop your castles into massive fortresses. The goal is to strengthen and enhance your castle to the best of your ability.

★ Deploy troops consisting of gallant soldiers and wise wizards with awesome powers and magical spells, and protect castles against savage monsters.

★ Formulate a defense setup with warriors as well as Canon and Lightning towers in the path of the enemies.

★ Play in 40+ map levels with four different themes and master the game in various setups.

★ Earn XP via Daily Challenges and PvE, and establish yourself as a Pro.

★ Dive into the ultimate fierce Castle Arena game mode to challenge players across the globe, in the virtual land of Luzern.

★ Join or create Guilds consisting of players who share your goals and passion!

★ Strategize, customize and save your attacks as per the type of battles you come up against.

★ Battle against anyone and everyone as its potentially you vs all in this epic struggle for power.

★ Conquer as many lands & castles, and become the undisputed King.

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Castle Defense- Best Blockchain Game

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